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Scott Jackson - Son of a Hillbilly

Scott Jackson – Son of a Hillbilly

Scott “The Son of a Hillbilly” grew up in central Illinois during the 60’s and 70’s. I was born to a wonderful set of parents that raised him to be responsible, caring and always full of wonder. My father was born in the hills of Tennessee and first lived in a home with dirt floors. He grew up in the hills and learned many lessons doing so. He passed those lessons on to me. My mother was born in upstate New York. She was a hard working farm daughter to Polish immigrants. When Mom was old enough she joined the Army and went to Paris. That is where she met my father. He was in the army also and was stationed there as well. They married and moved to Illinois after getting out of the military. My father, and eventually my mother, worked at Caterpillar Tractor Company in Peoria, IL. Dad also cut hair on the side to bring in some extra money. Six kids take a chunk of change to take care of! I love my parents and thank them for doing so much to give us a good life with what they had.

My Father and Mother

My Father and Mother

At the time I wanted to be like his parents – hard working factory employees who did what needed to be done to raise a family of six. I, being the oldest child, was called on to help take care of my siblings while the parents worked. Life and growth at the time was challenging. I knew that I wanted to leave and strike out on my own. At 18 I did so. I modeled himself after my parents, the only role models that I ever knew, and started working factory jobs never thinking I could be much more than a blue collar worker. I kept up this limited belief mentality for many years and didn’t realize that there could be so much more!

Being out on my own made me grow up quickly. I thought that you had to work long and hard to get what you wanted. I wanted the “American Dream” – a family, home and going to work daily. My life went on this way for a number of years until something clicked inside. I felt an emptiness like something was missing. That empty spot in my soul drove me to begin looking for more. So I started to read, listen to and study many of the great motivators, teachers and self help

mentors that I could get a hold of.

My mind started to grow and look at things in a different way. Ways that would change my life forever! I knew that

My Father, my first son and Myself when I was in the Army.

My Father, my first son and Myself when I was in the Army.

there was still a lot of work to be done to erase old programming and install the mindset needed. There were ups and downs – failure and disappointment as well as victories and success! I am on a lifelong journey of learning, growth and achievement. During these explorations I attained a BA in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona, became a 4th degree black belt in two styles, became a 1st level Reiki practitioner, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Trainer from Peak Potentials “Train the Trainer” program and have read and studied thousands of books, audios and videos on personal growth. These teaching have helped met become what I am today. I will never stop learning and growing!

I call myself the “Son of a Hillbilly” to show you where I came from. Hillbillies are hard working, intelligent, caring, loving and kind people. Some may not have the education or guidance that others have. They may never want to leave the beauty of the hills. I proudly say that I am the “Son of a Hillbilly” to pay honor to my father and my ancestors – from both sides of the pond! I obviously have grown and learned more to take my life in different directions than my parents. It is love that I honor them in this way. Many of the lessons that I learned from them can give you life lessons to guide yourself in your quest to reach your dreams.

This site is dedicated to helping you change your life. This site if for you. So you can learn, grow, change and reach greater heights.

I invites you to be a part of this journey and grow with him while reaching your own dreams. Scott will share what he has learned over his lifetime.

Peace Friend,

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